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Artist's Statement

Mary de Blacam was born in Lansing, the state capital of the Midwestern state of Michigan, USA. Her family later moved to Dublin, where she grew up and is now based.  Mary is a graduate of the Mackintosh School of Art, Glasgow.

The character of her work draws on a range of influences she absorbed over many years travelling and living in different parts of the world. This included London, Glasgow, San Francisco, New York and a truly absorbing part of her life spent living in Australia.

“My work tends to feature bold colours that provide an immediate impact.  My style could be described as both fully abstract and semi-abstract with influences from the plant and animal kingdoms.  I tend to work very quickly in acrylic paint. My work has been characterised as broadly expressionist in nature.  The more paired down Swiss Guard Series is reminiscent of the modernist tradition".



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